Research We Support

Our Goal is to Battle Neuroblastoma Better!

We will be looking to contribute money to doctors, clinics, researchers, hospitals, etc. who are working to use non toxic and less toxic agents for treatment of Neuroblastoma. Our ultimate goal is to make treatment completely toxin free. Although we, ourselves, are not medically trained, we are hoping to work with medical professionals in the future to develop treatments that put overall and long term health of the patients first and foremost.

In 2013 we were proud to donate $5000 to the NMTRC for their Phase II DFMO trial.
In 2014 we will be working with Solving Kids' Cancer to riase funds for a T-cell therapy at Texas Children's. (More information to come.)

Some researchers and foundations who are doing this already:

Neruoblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC)
Solving Kids' Cancer
Riordan Clinic
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