Going Gold for Kids!


September is here – and you know what that means. It’s time to paint the world GOLD! 

Gold is the color of the childhood cancer awareness ribbon. Just like the world goes pink in October, we want the world to go GOLD in September to make everyone aware of all the pediatric cancers that are out there. Remember, 12 major disease types make up the world of childhood cancer, and each has it’s own trials and triumphs. There are no known causes for most pediatric cancers, and it can happen to any child.

The day before my child was diagnosed, I had never heard the word Neuroblastoma. Even while I was going through cancer treatment myself, I never thought it would happen to my happy and healthy baby girl. We all see the kids in the St. Jude’s commercials and never want it to be someone we know. We can no longer look away – we need to start to ACT! 

So this September, pledge to tell one person about Neuroblastoma, and ask them to pledge to tell one person about Neuroblastoma. Share Saoirse’s story with someone and let’s help spread the word. Awareness = earlier diagnosis = more survivors! We can be the ones to bring about a cure that won’t destroy our children. All we have to do is end the silence. 

Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter – share with us what YOU are doing to raise awareness for Neuroblastoma, Pediatric Cancers and the GOLD Ribbon. Want to donate? Host a fundraiser? Visit our fundraising portal where we make it easy to donate online and get your tax receipt.

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