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Calling All Artists and Collectors

It’s that time of year again – We are gearing up for our second annual Arts and Artifacts Auction! We are looking for items to auction off this year. Think collectables, art, sculpture, books, quilts, handmade items – anything that someone might like to have in their collection.

Last year we raised over $1400 for our parent grant program (which will be opening soon! Keep your eye out for our announcement!). This year we would like to raise even more for our program so we can help even more families Battle Neuroblastoma BETTER! 


And this year, we are going to be hosting a LIVE AUCTION and dinner to go with our online auction. We would love to have some big ticket items for this event – think signed jerseys, tickets to sports/concerts/theater/dance, weekend getaways, original art, instruments, and anything else that might get a wow and raise some funds!

Please contact us if you have something to donate or would like more information. We are a 501c3 public charity, so everything donated is tax deductible! You can email us at If you know someone who might have something to donate, please share this link and have them contact us! 

Donated items will need to be received by us no later than November 20th, 2013. auctionGroup